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The new Rosehill TPV® brochure and swatch card are now available to download using the links below. If you would like a copy posting to you, please send a request via the contact form.

Rosehill TPV Brochure

The Ultimate Coloured Rubber Granules
Rosehill TPV® is the most advanced product of its kind in the world, and its unique chemistry ensures consistent, vibrant coloured granules that deliver unrivalled UV resistance and long lasting elasticity.

Rosehill TPV Colour Swatch

Our Range of 22 Standard Colours

Developed as a high quality rubber granule for sports, play and leisure environments, Rosehill TPV® is available in 22 standard colours and three granule sizes.

// Colour Blends

Get creative with blends from Rosehill TPV® and create the perfect colour mix for your next project.

Mix bespoke colours to suit any brief by combining two or more of our 22 coloured rubber granules. From lightening or darkening existing tones to producing brand new colours and dynamic patterns, the only limit is your imagination! Here’s a selection of some of our favourite blends to get you started.

Autumn Gold

1 Part RH02 Bright Red
1 Part RH32 Brown
1 Part RH40 Mustard


Spring Green

1 Part RH11 Bright Green
1 Part RH12 Dark Green
1 Part RH41 Bright Yellow



1 Part RH02 Bright Red
1 Part RH26 Turquoise
1 Part RH90 Funky Pink


Hacienda Grey

1 Part RH41 Bright Yellow
1 Part RH60 Dark Grey
1 Part RH65 Pale Grey