Rosehill TPV®

// Coloured Rubber Granules

Introducing Rosehill TPV® – cutting-edge, elastomer-based coloured rubber granules manufactured by Rosehill Polymers Ltd in the United Kingdom. Our one-of-a-kind, 100% fully cross-linked and non-porous granules are polypropylene-free and non-spherical.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our use of premium virgin polymers, formulated without sulphur, clay fillers, heavy metals like zinc, or phthalate plasticisers. The result is a product that outperforms and outlasts the competition.

Rosehill TPV® showcases remarkable thermal stability, ensuring no carbon black or coloured pigments leak out. Even under the harshest UV conditions and continuous sunlight exposure, Rosehill TPV® remains resilient, maintaining its suppleness and resisting brittleness and hardening.

Opt for Rosehill TPV® – a perfect blend of innovation, quality, and durability that’s truly unmatched in the industry.

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Rosehill TPV® granules are highly UV and weather resistant, meaning they will remain supple to the touch over time even in constant sunlight.

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Colour Stability

The unrivalled UV resistance of Rosehill TPV® sets it apart from other granules, ensuring surfaces retain their colour for longer, outlasting the best alternatives, even in the harshest environments

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Rosehill TPV® rubber granules deliver the ideal combination of durability, reliability and aesthetics, ensuring a high quality, longer lasting surface which won’t harden or become brittle over time.

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Lower Costs

Because Rosehill TPV® granules are non-porous they do not absorb PU binder, so less binder is needed at installation, generating a considerable cost saving compared to traditionally applied granules.

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Rosehill TPV® is a non-toxic, non-allergenic product and contains no harmful materials. It doesn’t leach pollutants into the environment and meets internationally recognised standards.

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22 Colours

Rosehill TPV® is available in a range of 22 vibrant colours, making it easy to find the perfect colour to suit any project.

// Colour Range

Download the Rosehill TPV® Colour Swatch

// Applications

There are many different applications for Rosehill TPV®, whether dry or as wetpour. Below are examples of the many surfaces Rosehill TPV® is fantastic for.
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Fitness Stations

app stairs

Stairs & Flooring

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Pool Surrounds

Artificial Turf Infill

Running Tracks

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Multi-Use Games Areas

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Tennis Courts

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Sports Pitches