New Playground Installed At Glover Recreation Reserve

February 20, 2024

Glover Recreation Reserve, known for its vibrant sports field and club facilities, including tennis, cricket, and football, recently saw the installation of a new playground. Designed to harmonise with the natural environment, this playground offers a unified space for relaxation, catering to both playground visitors and sports enthusiasts.

Rosehill TPV® softfall surfaces were strategically installed under equipment to provide cushioning protection against any trips or falls that may occur while children play.

This UV-stable rubber surfacing solution ensures durability and colour retention, making it ideal for creating enduring play areas in any climate. Available in 22 colours, Rosehill TPV® offers endless possibilities for creative, themed, or nature-inspired designs, allowing for the blending of colours to achieve the perfect shade for any project.

Thanks to Grange Surfacing and Surface Designs TPV