Rosehill TPV Softfall Surface Installed At Austin & Mercy Hospital

February 13, 2024

The softfall surface for Austin & Mercy Hospital is complete! Careful design and planning went into creating a fun and safe area that would be an amazing space for children to relax and play. The Rosehill TPV® raised platforms and 3D shapes not only add more interactive elements to play with, but also provide a cushioning tactile surface that protects against any slips, trips, or falls.

Rosehill TPV® pour-in-place rubber is a durable and excellent choice for softfall surfaces in Australia. It has unbeatable UV stability, so it keeps its colour and softness for longer even in unpredictable weather. Surface Designs TPV provides 3D animals and shapes that make play areas lively and interactive whilst helping children develop their balance and agility while having fun.

We offer a range of 22 colours that can be easily combined to create bespoke blends for any project. Whether for a playground upgrade or private pool surrounds, Rosehill TPV® can be used to brighten up surfaces whilst prioritising safety!

Thanks to Grange Surfacing and Surface Designs TPV