Musical-Themed Outdoor Play Area In Homebush, Sydney

November 15, 2023

This outdoor play area in Homebush, a suburb of Sydney, has undergone an exciting transformation featuring a musical-themed softfall surface. Made using bright blends of Rosehill TPV® rubber granules, the surface features custom musical note motifs that create a one-of-a-kind play space!

Rosehill TPV® is a rubber surfacing solution that is suitable for a range of applications, including playgrounds, sports facilities, and more. It is highly resistant to UV rays, meaning it can maintain its colour and softness for longer than other rubber surfacing solutions.

Rosehill TPV® is available in a variety 22 colours which can be combined them to make custom hues and patterns, facilitating the design of softfall surfaces that are both safe and fun for children.

Thanks to Preferred Turf Pty Ltd & Surface Designs TPV