Rosehill TPV Surface At A New Park In Spain’s Andalucia Region

November 10, 2023

A new park in Spain’s Andalucia region is set to become a vibrant and safe haven for children and families, featuring a splash area surfaced with Rosehill TPV® rubber. This colourful, durable, and soft surface is designed to cushion slips and falls, ensuring a safer play experience when the park opens.

Rosehill TPV® softfall rubber granules provide an excellent slip resistant surface, even in wet conditions, making it a perfect option for splash parks, pool surrounds, and playgrounds where safety is paramount. Its superior UV resistance outperforms EPDM alternatives, ensuring that the surfaces maintain their vivid colours and softness, even under extreme environmental conditions.

With a palette of 22 colours, Rosehill TPV® allows for the creation of stunning, vibrant surfaces. Whether it’s for adding playful motifs or enhancing play areas, Rosehill TPV® offers the creative freedom to bring any vision to life, blending aesthetics with safety.