Galston Public School Volcano-Themed Play Area

August 4, 2023

At Galston Public School in NSW, Australia, students can now explore a volcano-themed play area complete with a protective Rosehill TPV® softfall surface. This innovative surface ensures that any slips or falls are cushioned, keeping playtime safe and fun.

Rosehill TPV® has been tried and tested in playgrounds across the globe, proving its resilience in a wide range of climates. Thanks to its exceptional UV resistance, the vibrant colours and soft texture of the surfaces are maintained, even after years of exposure to the sun.

With a choice of 22 different colours, Rosehill TPV® offers limitless possibilities for designing softfall surfaces. Whether it’s complex patterns, unique colour blends, or themed designs like the volcano at Galston Public School, Rosehill TPV® brings both safety and creativity to playgrounds.

Thanks to Glooloop Surfacing Pty Ltd & Surface Designs TPV