Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course At Hobart Park, Australia

July 26, 2023

Tucked away in the suburb of Johnston, Australia, Hobart Park now boasts a Ninja Warrior style obstacle course. Designed for all ages, this exciting new addition features monkey bars, balancing platforms, and a challenging 2.5m high wall. It’s a test of skill and agility for anyone who dares to take it on.

The course is equipped with Rosehill TPV® softfall surfacing, a trusted solution that has been used in similar projects worldwide. From fitness courses to parkour areas, our rubber granules offer unmatched UV resistance, ensuring surfaces maintain their softness and vibrant colour for longer, even after years of exposure to harsh environments.

Our pour-in-place rubber is not only non-toxic and non-allergenic but also provides protection against slips, trips, and falls. With Rosehill TPV®, you can enjoy a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and durable surface for all your adventurous endeavours.

Thanks to NT Shade & Surface Designs TPV