Follow the progress of the Abacus Playgrounds team as they install a Rosehill TPV® softfall rubber surface at Butlin's brand new SKYPARK playground in Skegness on England's east coast!

// SKYPARK at Butlin's Skegness

Introducing SKYPARK at Butlin’s Skegness – a breathtaking new project on England’s picturesque east coast, brought to life by Abacus Playgrounds and Jupiter Play & Leisure. We’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek into the vibrant, safe, and durable softfall rubber surface created using an array of premium Rosehill TPV® blends.

What sets Rosehill TPV® apart? Our industry-leading granules boast unbeatable UV resistance, guaranteeing surfaces that retain their stunning colours far longer than competing products, even in the toughest conditions. No more brittleness or hardening over time – just a dependable, enduring surface your community will love.

Rosehill TPV® raises the bar with outstanding thermal stability and steadfast resistance to carbon black and coloured pigment leaching. Its UV and weather-resistant properties ensure remarkable flexibility that lasts, even with continuous sun exposure.

Save big without sacrificing quality – Rosehill TPV® granules’ non-porous nature means less PU binder is required for installation, leading to substantial cost savings. And with 22 eye-catching colours to choose from, you can effortlessly customise the perfect blend for any project.

Safety and performance go hand in hand with Rosehill TPV®. Our non-toxic, non-allergenic granules meet international standards and are free from harmful materials. Praised worldwide for its exceptional elasticity, Rosehill TPV® consistently delivers high quality playing conditions that stand the test of time.

Experience the Rosehill TPV® difference and create spaces that inspire play, leisure, and community.

Butlins Skypark Complete 01
SKYPARK: Discover the ultimate playground adventure, featuring four awe-inspiring climbing towers, each presenting their own set of thrilling challenges. Conquer the colossal 14-meter-high tower and revel in breathtaking panoramic sea views, making every climb an unforgettable experience.

Experience pure exhilaration as children zoom down the dazzling 10-meter tube slide, illuminated with vibrant lights for an enchanting ride. Delight in the unparalleled excitement of the UK’s longest interactive seesaw.

SKYPARK offers sensory elements and wheelchair-accessible equipment, fostering an environment where everyone is welcome and valued. As day turns to night, the playground transforms into a captivating spectacle, with brilliant lights creating an unforgettable after-dark experience.

Butlins Skypark Installation Shoot 1 Drone
Butlins Skypark Complete 01
Butlins Shoot #1
We visited the site in early March to see the progress being made on the softfall rubber surface. Check out the slideshow video here.
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Butlins Shoot #2
We returned to site at the end of March to see the completion of the softfall rubber surface. Check out the slideshow video here.
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