New Playground Installed At Lowther Hall School

March 20, 2024

The team at Grange Surfacing Pty Ltd has been busy at Lowther Hall School in Melbourne, first adding a Rosehill TPV® softfall surface to the recently installed fitness course, and now installing a protective surface for the school’s new playground.

Featuring an impressive slide and climbing tower, the new playground includes a Rosehill TPV® surface designed to cushion falls and prevent common playground injuries. Thanks to its superior UV stability, the surface is built to endure Australia’s tough climate, retaining its softness and colour for longer.

The play area’s design features a combination of Rosehill TPV® colours, enabling the creation of bespoke shades for intricate designs. This colour blending capability ensures the playground is not only visually striking but also a safe and engaging space for children to explore and play.

Thanks to Grange Surfacing Pty Ltd and Surface Designs TPV