Full Renovation Of Memorial Park Playground In Donald, Australia

January 5, 2024

In the small Australian town of Donald, the Memorial Park playground has been fully renovated to include new play equipment and a stand-out Rosehill TPV® softfall surface. This new wetpour surface means that children can play safely and comfortably on the playground, without worrying about injuries or falls.

Rosehill TPV® rubber granules are perfect for making softfall surfaces that last long and stay safe. Whether it’s for playgrounds, fitness areas, or MUGAs, our pour-in-place rubber is UV stable so surfaces retain their colour and softness.

We offer a variety of 22 colours that can be mixed and matched to create custom shades and designs, enabling the creation of softfall surfaces that are both fun and safe for children.

Thanks to Grange Surfacing and Surface Designs TPV