New Softfall Surface At Echuca Twin Rivers Specialist School

November 29, 2023

The Rubberworx team has successfully completed the initial phase of installing soft surfaces at Echuca Twin Rivers Specialist School in Northern Victoria, Australia. This institution, catering to students with diverse disabilities, now features a safe, engaging, and colourful play area, enhancing the school’s facilities significantly.

The newly installed play area is surfaced with the vibrant and resilient Rosehill TPV®, a superior pour-in-place rubber material. This choice ensures a secure and inviting environment for children to engage in play and educational activities. The outstanding UV stability of Rosehill TPV® guarantees that the play and sports surfaces remain durable and vibrant, even in the challenging Australian climate.

Available in a choice of 22 colours, Rosehill TPV® allows for the creation of visually appealing and fun spaces tailored to any requirement, be it expansive playgrounds or compact indoor play areas. This flexibility and safety make Rosehill TPV® an optimal choice for educational and recreational environments worldwide.

Thanks to Rubberworx & Surface Designs TPV