Heslehurst Reserve’s New Dynamic Rubber Wetpour Surface

November 23, 2023

Heslehurst Reserve in Brighton-Le-Sands, Sydney, is set for a significant upgrade. The revamp includes replacing old play equipment, adding new seating, and introducing a dynamic rubber wetpour surfacing to enhance the playground’s safety and appeal.

At the heart of this upgrade is Rosehill TPV®, a premier rubber surfacing solution designed to cushion and protect children from slips, trips, and falls, making it ideal for active play areas. Its versatility extends beyond playgrounds to sports facilities and other recreational spaces.

What sets Rosehill TPV® apart is its high UV resistance, ensuring that the surface maintains its vibrant colour and smooth texture for longer than traditional rubber surfaces. This durability is especially valuable in Australia’s harsh sun.

Offering a palette of 22 colours, Rosehill TPV® allows for creative freedom in designing play areas. Whether blending shades for unique hues or crafting standout designs, the possibilities for creating an engaging and visually appealing softfall surface are limitless. These colourful, imaginative designs not only enhance the aesthetic of the playground but also seamlessly integrate with or stand out against the natural surroundings.

Thanks to Synthetic Grass and Rubber Surfaces and Surface Designs TPV