Playground On Portugal’s Madeira Island

September 22, 2023

This secluded playground on Portugal’s Madeira Island is one of its hidden gems. Surrounded by lush greenery, it is a perfect place for children to relax and have fun all day long.

SACYR ECORUBBER’s skilful team used a variety of Rosehill TPV® coloured granules to create a stunning softfall surface that will cushion any slips, trips, or falls. The surface is not only safe and comfortable, but also eye-catching, with a range of colours that complement the surrounding environment.
Unlike other alternatives such as EPDM, Rosehill TPV® softfall surfaces can withstand harsh climates and maintain their bright and soft appearance for longer.

Rosehill TPV® offers you an extensive palette of 22 colours to create stunning and vibrant surfaces. Whether you want to add a splash of colour to your playground, sports field, or landscaping project, Rosehill TPV® lets you unleash your creativity.