Farm Themed Playground At Treendale Farm Hotel

May 26, 2023

Treendale Farm Hotel is a bustling restaurant and bar that has recently extended its existing play area with a farm-themed playground packed with Rosehill TPV® rubber rocks, slides, climbing equipment and a tractor!

A blend of green Rosehill TPV® rubber granules give this farm-inspired play area a bright and colourful meadow that not only looks the part but provides protection against slips, trips, and falls. With a selection of 22 colours, Rosehill TPV® offers limitless potential for creating complex patterns, designs or themed softfall surfaces that inspire children’s imaginations while prioritising their safety.

The superior UV stability of Rosehill TPV® outshines EPDM alternatives, ensuring that surfaces maintain their vivid colours and softness even in the most demanding environments.

Thanks to Perth Playground & Rubber and Surface Designs TPV