Riverwood Wetlands Playgrounds New Rosehill TPV Softfall Surface

May 12, 2023

Situated in a suburban area of Sydney, Riverwood Wetlands playground overlooks the urban watercourse of the nearby Georges River and has recently undergone a soft surface upgrade using Rosehill TPV® rubber granules.

Rosehill TPV® pour-in-place rubber offers a tactile surface which provides protection against slips, trips and falls – making it the perfect solution for playgrounds, recreational facilities, and more!

Create bold and unique designs with Rosehill’s 22 colours – combine multiple colours to create brand new shades or add depth to existing ones. Our superior UV stability outshines EPDM alternatives, ensuring that surfaces maintain their vivid colours and softness even in the most demanding environments.

Thanks to Glooloop Surfacing Pty Ltd & Surface Designs TPV