New Parkour Park In Liège, Belgium

November 25, 2022

The team at Flexidal BV have done a brilliant job installing a vibrant Rosehill TPV® softfall surface at the new Parkour Park in Liège, Belgium. 
As users run, swing, jump, and climb to get from point to point in the quickest way possible, slips, trips, and falls are guaranteed. Choosing a surfacing solution that can effectively absorb impacts and help cushion falls from height — especially for those learning the basics and combining different techniques and skills — is vital. Rosehill TPV® softfall rubber granules are rigorously tested to internationally recognised standards, making them the perfect surfacing solution for parkour courses.
Rosehill TPV® is ideal for a wide range of surfaces including playgrounds, recreational facilities, pool surrounds, and more. Its unrivalled UV stability ensures surfaces will stay soft and bright for years to come.