Kopupaka Reserve Playground In Westgate, Auckland

September 26, 2022

Check out this amazing playground at Kopupaka Reserve in Westgate, Auckland. Winner of the 2021 NZ Parks Awards, this playground is filled with exciting slides, climbing frames, trampolines, and a range of balance balls clad in a protective coating of Rosehill TPV® rubber. 

Rosehill TPV® offers protection from slips, trips, and falls, making it the perfect surfacing solution for any recreational environment. It’s easy to mix the perfect blend for any project with our range of 22 colours, and the unrivalled UV stability of Rosehill TPV® means that surfaces will stay bright and soft for years to come. The durability and reliability of Rosehill TPV® ensures a high quality, longer lasting surface.

Thanks to NumatREC and Surface Designs TPV