Colourful Playground Installed At Milton Park

October 5, 2021

This fantastic playground at Milton Park, Campbelltown City Council in New South Wales, Australia is a recent project by Regal Innovations, with Rosehill TPV® wet pour rubber surfacing installed by the team at Glooloop Surfacing.

They’ve blended a range of bright colours including Bright Red, Orange and Bright Yellow to complement artwork designed by local aboriginal artists and bring this new play space to life.

With superior UV stability compared to EPDM, Rosehill TPV® granules keep their elasticity even after years of harsh sunlight.

Designed to be long lasting, Rosehill TPV® provides a safe surface for play and is available in 22 colours, perfect for creating fun and imaginative play areas.  

Thanks to Regal InnovationsGlooloop Surfacing and Surface Designs TPV.