Al Hudayriat Island in the United Arab Emirates

January 12, 2021

We were pleased to receive this stunning photo of the new purpose-built stadium on Al Hudayriat Island in the United Arab Emirates, featuring a world-class Rosehill TPV® running track.

The World Athletics certified Rosehill TPV® SWS track is a high-performance impermeable sandwich track system, ideal for facilities hosting international and national athletics competitions.

Constructed in two layers, this laid in situ system has a base layer made up of 100% recycled black rubber granules bound with Rosehill Flexilon® polyurethane resin. The base layer is sealed and coated with a durable granular wear layer of high-quality Rosehill TPV® rubber granules broadcast onto a flood coat of Rosehill Flexilon® binder.

Thanks to our Middle East partner Gebal Group for their expert installation.